Roadside Revelation

Driving back from town on my lunch break today, I decided to take the back way instead of the interstate. Ever have one of those days when you feel like you need as much “fresh air” as humanly possible or you will suffocate. Yeah, it’s one of those days.

So I’m driving along, worship music playing quietly over the radio, trying to drink in as much of the big blue sky, crisp air and sunshine as I can in my brief commute back to the office to ease my mind. As I pass the field of miniature horses and near the church on the left side of the road, my focus shifts to the sign. This week it reads, “We always find time for the things we value most.”

And after I’m done being shallow and applying this statement to everyone else I can think of who clearly have re-prioritizing to do, I realize it’s me who needs the spiritual tune up. In the words of my Southern Sister, Mrs. Beth Moore, “Girlfrien’, you are in a STRONGHOLD.”

The truth of this church sign is washing over me in cycles. What do I find time for? Namely, how much time am I finding in my schedule for God? What about just me and Him – no author in between? How much time am I spending in THE Word? Better yet, if I do find time for God, how much am I truly taking to heart and then putting into action?

Find time. Those two words alone are powerfully convicting. Our faith walk is not a scavenger hunt. There is always time to spend time – real time – with God. The question is not whether we can go out and round up some time. The answer is to be intentional with the time we have.

Thankfully, my missteps are met with conviction from my Heavenly Father and not condemnation I am all too familiar with from Earthly experiences. The lyrics of a song ring tried and true today, “God’s not finished with me yet…”


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