Where the sun don’t shine

I can totally give this a resounding AMEN! #2014 #Prevail #WriteMyStory



Guard your ears if you’re sensitive because I’m fixing to say something that could offend. Here goes….

Sometimes I just want to tell God he can stick it where the sun don’t shine. Not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings or my reputation, just saying it how it is. Because I wonder if you have ever felt that way too? If God has ever shown you His plans, or what seems like lack there of, and you just want to say seriously????

It doesn’t matter why you feel this way, you could analyze it or pay someone to analyze it, but sometimes you just do. And I’m going to tell you, in my book, that’s ok. Why? Because we have feelings. And as long as we don’t allow these feelings to desecrate our relationship with The Lord, we can keep it real.

And so I suppose it’s not by chance that…

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