First White Christmas! 2012

First White Christmas! 2012

Last year, I saw snow for the first time. It was much colder than Hallmark cards quaintly illustrate. But all the more beautiful when you can touch it and feel it powdery and weightless in your hands. As I get ready to travel north for my second White Christmas, I can’t help but reflect on the seasons of God’s Grace that have marked the past year.

Seasons of Life colored with sunsets, blooms, countryside, streams, shorelines, fields, falling leaves, and snowflakes. But life doesn’t always stay inside the lines. Trials and tribulations do not tip toe around our hearts. Death has a way of settling in for the night…reminding us it’s never farther away than our own shadow. Looming. But Life renews our Spirit again each morning as the sun rises with Promise. Then, change comes stomping into our comfort and snatches our security out from under our sure footing.

And yet, somehow, in the midst of the thickening plot, our Father always writes the perfect ending to every season. Like an Ecclesiastes Saga, the mountains and the valleys flow seamlessly together orchestrating a harmonious hymn as the Almighty Conductor just sings over our lives.

From blossoms of Divine opportunity to winters of hardship. Nothing surprises Him. No matter where the road winds.

He is the beginning and the end.  He cradles the very Cosmos in His hands. Still, He loves each of us intimately. His heart hurts from our pain and suffering. He relishes in our relief. He rejoices in our joy! He sits enthroned atop the clouds of the Heavenlies warmed by our hearts of thanksgiving and adoration of His faithfulness.

Seasons of Life come and leave like waves on the shoreline. Ebbing and flowing.  Filled with Hope. Dripping with Grace.

So remember to pause. Ponder the magnificence of His Perfect Penmanship. Gaze as He paints the sunsets with flawless strokes of warm hues and splashes of Light.

Allow yourself to get lost in Awe. Be struck by His wonder.


Perfect Penmanship


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