God Dream

I was jolted awake. My eyes opened suddenly like someone let go of the blinds; my eyelids clapped up tightly in their sockets. The air around me felt so dense it was hard to breathe. My chest was heavy. My heart beat fast but my breaths were slow and intentional. As if I had to concentrate just to get in enough air to keep breathing.

One word was reverberating through my mind: Joy.

The last image from my dream replaying over and over: Joy.

A slideshow in my mind abruptly stopped short in the last remaining seconds; snatched from a scene in my dreamland before the ending played out. Now replaying like a flashback – an image reel flickering in place.

A resounding Presence that appeared in the still silence of night leaving my ears ringing. Bewildered.

A palpable Presence that surrounded. Engulfed in its thickness. Stiff in recognition. Still. Wonderstruck.

A Presence that pierced night. Paralyzing.

Indescribable yet unmistakable.

I lie Awake. Drowsy with discernment.

Joy reverberating. Replaying.

I say His name in submission: Jesus.
I say His name in surrender: Jesus.
I say His name in silence: Jesus.


God Dream


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