An Instagram Collaboration with Jack Kerouac : Part I

Be Free

I don’t claim to be a lit head or some tea drinking book club president, but I am in love with the beautifully artistic expression of painting pictures with words and bleeding the mysteries of the inner soul out onto paper. Soooo, in stretching out my writing muscles I want to do a series sharing some of my favorite’s from #JackKerouac’31 Beliefs About Writing.’ || #1: work from pithy middle eye out, swimming in language sea ||


|| keep track of every day the date emblazoned in your morning || #kerouac31 Beliefs and techniques for Modern prose #poeticriff HAPPY FIRST DAY OF F A L L


t r u t h || blow as deep as you want to blow ||#kerouac31


|| be crazy dumbsaint of the mind || #kerouac31|| When I recall the moments I have felt the truest heartbeat thundering through my pounding veins, when…

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